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...current operations and activities in the workplace


...corporate goals for improving workplace effectiveness through I.T. tools


...what tasks may be:

  • Automated
  • Organized
  • Eliminated


...new tools and procedures to implement achieving the previously set goals


...new developments to improve workplace effectiveness

We are in the business of improving your business. We will find ways to improve your business and save it money in ways you didn't even know existed!

  1. Save your company time and money reducing workload and improving efficiency
  2. Seek out ways that technology can safely and reliably automate repetitive tasks
  3. Business needs without clear approach to satisfy it.

Here are some of the services that you may find helpful:

Technical Writing / Code Documenting

Web Solutions

Get a web site designed and activated online to expose your business to the web.

  • Link it with your company's existing database or create a new one.
  • Accept online payments.
  • Registered with search engines and advertising solutions for high exposure.

If you are already a web developer, we can assist you in augmenting your web success with the web technologies already employed by your web site.

Custom Software Engineering

We specialize in engineering innovative software solutions and thrive on solving the most challenging problems. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Client/Server architecture
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mathematics (Linear Algebra, Physics)
  • Embedded Systems and Assembly Language
  • Cross-platform Development
  • Distributed Computing
  • Multi-platform Integration
  • Design and implementation of 3GL, 4GL and 5GL
  • Database Engineering
  • Desktop Application Development

Some examples of our former software engineering projects include:

  • Cellular / Mobile embedded software
  • Hand-held PC embedded software
  • Artificially Intelligent Chess Game
  • Piracy-protected Video Distribution
  • Multi-player RPG
  • SMTP Server
  • GUI eMail Client

If you have a difficult technological need, then this applies to you. It's your vision, let us make it a reality.

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